About Phillip M. Rinehart, Esq.

Uniquely experienced, solution focused, results driven. Rinehart’s unique background includes extensive experience representing, advising, consulting, and mentoring multiple clients on all aspects of business, including start-up, entity formation, operations, accounting, marketing, finance, contracts, merger/acquisition, trademarks, trade secrets, false advertising, and contracts.

Rinehart’s expansive, multi-state legal experience, including extensive litigation experience in both federal and state courts, uniquely qualifies him to assist and advise clients in avoiding costly lawsuits and mistakes, as well as effectively protecting client’s rights and pursuing valued remedies. Rinehart’s proven track record uniquely qualifies him to assist, advise and protect clients on all aspects of business, from start-up to merger/acquisition, and countless scenarios in between.

Why Choose Phil Rinehart?

If you are considering going into business, currently in business, or contemplating exiting, Rinehart has extensive experience in all three areas and can help you navigate the business and legal hurdles.

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