About Me

The Law of Phillip M. Rinehart specializes in all stages of business law.  Mr. Rinehart’s unique background of  including litigation, consulting, management, entity formation, liability protection, financing, growth, and mergers/acquisitions.

Attorney Phillip Rinehart has extensive experience in handling all stages of your business needs, including start-up, operations, employment, consulting, mergers/acquisitions, and litigation to enforce your rights in the market place.

Rinehart’s experience is unlike any other attorney in the country.  Rinehart’s experience is a rare combination of a successful business track record, while also having wide-ranging legal expertise assisting clients with their businesses, from start-up to acquisition, and countless scenarios in between.  Rinehart is licensed to practice law in Nevada and Utah and has extensive experience representing clients in both State and Federal Courts, as well as assisting clients in all stages of business, from entity formation, liability protection, employment, contracts, finance, marketing, mergers, acquisitions, trade secrets, trademarks and much more.  If you are in business, Rinehart can help you .

Rinehart can help you and your company avoid common, and costly, mistakes, help you avoid costly legal problems, and ultimately help your company become more profitable and more valuable.

The reality is that most attorneys have never been in business themselves and are frankly poor business advisors.  Similarly, most successful business people do not understand the legal complexities and importance of liability protection, contracts, compliance, employment, and more.  Rinehart’s unique successful business track record, combined with his legal expertise qualify him to bring a level of value to clients previously unseen in the marketplace.